Build Your One Project

Learn powerful therapeutic photography techniques and make a creative photo project to help you overcome depression and anxiety.

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Do you struggle to talk about and express what you're currently suffering from?

Do you worry you're alone and no one will understand or relate to what you're going through?

Do you want to take back control of your life and reconnect to your authentic self so you can have a fulfilling life making your impact?

Whatever your reason for being here, you landed on this page because you felt something within you — a little pull or nudge.

I know that nudge.

It's what I ignored most throughout my deepest and most severe struggles with depression and anxiety that I suffered with for years.

For too long I thought that I was nothing, that no one cared and despite any efforts I made I wouldn't ever find a partner in life or a career that I enjoyed.

I felt stuck and worthless.

I didn't know how to talk about it.

I didn't even know what it was. But it controlled everything that I thought, did and said.

Back then, I would be completely overwhelmed at the thought of talking to strangers.

Before attending any party or social event, I'd become anxious to the point of nausea and getting sick to my stomach. Most times I'd just give in and stay at home...

I was stuck feeling anxious, and angry at myself for letting my anxiety take over, only to find myself deeper in depression. It was a vicious cycle that continued to pulled me down further away from who I really was.

I began to feel lost and hopeless, like I wasn't in control of my life and that no one would understand what I was struggling with.

It wasn't just that I didn't know how to start talking about it or ask for help.

I didn't even really know what I was struggling with.

The problem wasn't from a lack of effort or desire to make a change... it was because I didn't have the right tools!

Of course I had some good times during these years, but there was an intense underlying struggle that persisted and I wasn't able to see the people around me who cared and were there to support me.

Every moment it weighs on you and the opportunities that present you with a chance to break the silence simply pass by because sometimes you can't put it into words.

That is why reframing photography as a therapeutic tool can be so powerful.

And it's the process of reconnecting with myself and that inner voice through my photos that got me back out of it.

Suddenly, you have power over these issues and can express them in a way that is creative and engaging. You can see them outside of yourself and understand that it isn't you.

The weight starts to lift and you have more energy, more motivation.

You start to understand more about these issues, yourself and why you've been struggling.

Ideas start to flow more and you find yourself pulled in a way that you haven't felt in a while.

You're getting outside now and find yourself bonding with people more. It's a gradual process, but you can see the changes — not only in yourself and your photos, but in all areas of your life.

After some time, you share your photos with others and are able to talk to people about what you've been going through. You're amazed at the response you receive and how people are relating to what you're going through, all of the support flowing towards you.

You realize that you're not alone, that there is help, and that you are capable of so much more than you thought: a fulfilling life in tune with your authentic self that's driven by purpose, creativity and love.

This is the path that I took years ago when I first developed the techniques you'll be learning in this course and now I want to help you achieve the same results, like hundreds of others just like you who already have.

It was so simple that I was amazed someone hadn't seen this before. I wished they did and saved me the years of time, energy and thousands of dollars by giving me these techniques and all of this information when I was younger.

That's why I created Build Your One Project.

Using my photos and the techniques that I will teach you here, I was able to reconnect with my inner voice, my intuition and my authentic self and now my life has never been the same.

I saw that there was nothing else like this and felt that same nudge leading me to where we are now with The One Project. I'm glad that you're here and can't wait to see the results that this brings to your life.

Follow that nudge, your inner voice — I'd love to hear where it takes you!

“After posting my first story, I was blown away by the immediate support from the community and Bryce himself. It just quickly felt like a safe environment to share emotions and feelings.

During the course, I learned more about the power of photography and learned new ways to express myself through my photographs. I feel that now I am really able to use photographs as a therapeutic tool.” - Maria Cooks

What You Get From This Course:

In Build Your One Project, you'll get videos, assignments, worksheets, and resources to learn:

  • The top 10 benefits of photography for depression and anxiety
  • Why you don't need fancy equipment, skills or education to get started
  • The importance of perspective and how it's keeping you from overcoming these issues
  • Why we often can't see the support network that surrounds us and is there to help
  • How to utilize simple creative writing with your photos to create stories that maximize the therapeutic value and insights you receive for yourself
  • Why you need the Story Spectrum to help you start talking about these issues
  • How asking the right questions about your photos can help you gain powerful insights about yourself and why you're suffering with depression and anxiety
  • Why talking about these issues with words doesn't always work
  • How you can uncover your bad habits, work to remove them and build better ones that serve you in your recovery and growth
  • The 3 types of photos you need to use to best understand and uncover your authentic self
  • How every action that you take in your own journey of recovery and growth can impact and help others
  • And so much more...

BONUS: Get access to a private Mastermind group (including the instructor, Bryce Evans) to help support you in your learning and process of building your One Project.

“I am one of the earliest pioneers of the techniques of “PhotoTherapy” and “Therapeutic Photography” (using personal photographs and photo-taking as tools to improve therapy process, increase personal well-being, or create positive social change).

Photography can be a very powerful means of confronting problems and providing a way to overcome and survive them. Bryce Evans has started a vital conversation, using photography as his language for activating that dialogue.”

- Judy Weiser, R.Psych., A.T.R., Founder/Director of the PhotoTherapy Centre

What Is A ‘One Project’?

A personal project using photography and creative writing to help you tell your story, discover powerful personal insights and gain clarity in your purpose, passion and authentic self.

  • Includes a mission statement and description
  • Recommended minimum of 10 stories
  • Can be completed or constantly built upon
  • Becomes an amazing tool for self reflection and giving perspective on your personal growth

Your 'One Project' can be about:

  • Expressing your anxieties to understand it better and receive the messages it's trying to tell you, so you can help others going through the same
  • Releasing depression that was sparked by grief of losing a loved one that you're still trying to work through
  • Discovering your authentic self, who you are at the core free from depression and anxiety, so you can help empower others
  • Understanding the cause of why you're struggling with depression and anxiety, so you can start to overcome it
  • Creating stories that share your raw, authentic experiences with these issues to help others know they're not alone
  • Helping you finally process and let go of an intense period of your life so that you can move forward and excel to be your best self
  • Reminding you of the lessons you've learned and tools that help you overcome depression and anxiety every day
  • And so much more...

Our members are telling stories like this:

All member stories are only shared with express permission.

But don't worry, you don't need to start talking about these issues so direct or personally! We've got a process you'll go through to help you take small and manageable steps that will meet you where you're at right now and get you there.

What Do I Need For This Course?

  • Any type of camera (DSLR, smartphone, point-and-shoot, old, new - as long as it takes photos and you can upload them on your phone or computer, that's great!)
  • An internet connection (you're here now, so you've got that covered)
  • A small time investment of 10 to 15 hours total over the span of four weeks (or your own pace) that will provide powerful shifts in perspective and insights that will last a lifetime!

These were some of my earliest photos in my journey, all taken with an iPhone.

You do NOT need to:

  • ...have an idea for your stories or One Project already
  • ...have talked about depression and anxiety before
  • a photographer, have experience, knowledge or skills taking photos
  • a writer or be experienced in creative writing
  • ...have expensive or fancy photography equipment
  • ...have an education in photography
  • “creative” or a “storyteller”

I suffer from depression. Until now, I've never said that out loud. I have spent years and years trying to hide from the stigma that comes with being depressed, too embarrassed to ask for help and too anxious to feel like anyone would listen.

I don't know when the exact moment was, but I was flipping through The One Project website and it hit me like a train. I don't have to feel this way. And I don't have to do this alone.” - Molly Mitchell

Watch Jelani speak about the course!

Hear how photography saved his life and this course helped him with depression and anxiety.


Your Impact Just By Enrolling:

With every course enrolment we can...

  • Add and support over 50 new members on our platform
  • Create new free courses and resources
  • Write original empowering content for our blog
  • Give free talks, presentations, and workshops
  • Host free photo walks and adventures

All money is invested back into the organization to better serve you and increase our impact!

Your Instructor

Bryce Evans
Bryce Evans

Bryce Evans is an award-winning photographer, artist and marketing consultant discovering the art of life. He's built a community over 50,000, worked with top international brands and exhibited his artwork internationally to help inspire and share valuable insights.

As founder and CEO of The One Project (the photography community for people suffering from depression and anxiety), Bryce is a leading expert in therapeutic photography for depression and anxiety, the healing power of photos, and how it can be used to help change how we see and talk about mental health. You can connect with Bryce personally online as @artofbryce

Hear his story of overcoming these issues

“How Photography Saved My Life” (TEDx)

Watch our VICE documentary

“In April of this year, when I learned of The One Project, I was particularly inspired by Bryce Evans’ recommendation, “If you find yourself in darkness, the first thing to do is find and start capturing the light.”

Since that time, I have conscientiously tried to Seek, Capture and Share light and goodness by photographing and sharing positive, uplifting and enlightening images, whether they capture the awesome grandeur of the rising sun or the exuberant joy of a child’s face.

As I do so, I find my own spirit is enlightened and lifted upwards from oppressive darkness into glorious light. Thank you to The One Project for being such a positive influence in my life.“ — Mark Dixon

Class Curriculum

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“It's got me back into taking pictures, given me a pleasure back that I had forgotten about, which has helped to fight depression. I also think it reminds me that I'm not alone in my struggle.” - Member of The One Project (Asked to stay anonymous, we respect your privacy)


What will my investment be to get this course?

I spent more than six years of my life and thousands of dollars developing the techniques and information within this course. If you were to hire me to teach you these techniques and help you learn everything that you'll discover within this course 1-on-1 at my regular rate of $200 per hour, you can expect to pay $1,000+.

At a 3 day workshop, you might pay a minimum of $500 to work through the same process.

But we built this course to help you fast-track your recovery and growth by saving you time and money, so you won't pay $1000 or even $500.

You get the entire program: all of the videos, assignments, worksheets, resources, the private support group and everything, for just one payment of $47.

Start with a one-time payment of $47, 100% risk-free with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

We're giving you a full 30 days to go through the entire course. If you're not satisfied with it, send us an email showing that you've completed the assignments and we'll either work with you to help get you on track or give you your full money back.

Your Time Investment: 10 - 15 hours total (over 4 weeks)

“This course is very effective in dealing with a very serious topic.

This is well worth the price!” - Dr. Bob Nolley

“It's made [me] realize that photography is a form of therapy, it makes me happy, and it's inspired me to utilize this. When I'm feeling anxious or depressed I go out and take photos, and force myself to get into nature. It always makes me feel better.” - Member of The One Project (Asked to stay anonymous, we respect your privacy)

Get started now!

“I don't feel alone anymore. I feel free and finally have the support I need to move on and recover.” - Member of The One Project (Asked to stay anonymous, we respect your privacy)

“This is a fascinating course that I learnt a lot from. This course led me to make interesting discoveries about myself and I really experienced how healing photography can be.

I began looking at my, and others, photographs in new ways. I also started to experiment with alternative ways of using photography to explore myself and my feelings.

I think the added element of attaching a short written “story” to one’s photographs increases the learning and healing that can take place.

I am motivated to continue practicing what I learnt in the course and look forward to future course offerings by Bryce.

I highly recommend this course to others who are looking for an additional avenue to explore and heal.” - Stephanie Blumensaat

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I haven't told anyone about this and I'm worried about my privacy?
Our mission is to help you — those who are suffering in silence and can't find the words to start speaking up to get support. We know how difficult it is and that's what this course will help you with by using the 'Story Spectrum'. The entire course and the mastermind group are private and accessible only to students. You also have the choice to create a username, rather than using your name to further protect your identity.
When does the course start and finish?
You have access to the course immediately and will receive automated emails to help you through the content. The course is set up to be completed in four weeks, but on average only takes approx. 10 - 15 hours to complete. You will receive any new course updates for free and have lifetime access to revisit the content and connect with the private community whenever you need.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase and don't feel like you found the value you were expecting, contact us in the first 30 days, show us you've completed the assignments and we will give you a full refund.
Do I need a fancy camera?
No, the techniques that we teach have nothing to do with the equipment or camera you have. You can use a mobile phone, DSLR, film or point-and-shoot camera, it doesn't matter. As long as you have the ability to upload your photos digitally, you're good.
Do I need to have photography experience or skills?
No! It's about the act of taking photos and using it as non-verbal communication, not the technical or artistic aspects of photography.
Is this course valuable for mental health professionals?
Yes! We've had many counsellors, therapists, life coaches and other professionals work through our online course and find tremendous value in the material. Although it is framed for those who are struggling with depression and anxiety, it will help give you a better understanding of the therapeutic power of photography and how you can support your clients with this tool.
Is this course teaching me how to take better photos?
Nope! There are a ton of amazing courses teaching you how to become a better photographer (we suggest, but this is not one of them. We're teaching you about therapeutic photography and how it can help you better express, understand, and overcome depression and anxiety. There's nothing else like it!
Why isn't my account letting me log in?
If you have previously signed up on our private online platform, you will need to create a new account for our school (courses). You can use the same email and username if it's available.
What is The One Project?
The One Project is a social enterprise that is the photography community for people who suffer from depression and anxiety. We provide online courses, a blog and education to help you learn therapeutic photography techniques to better express, understand and overcome these issues.