Create Your Hero's Journey

Discover the hero within you by taking back control of your story

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Do you feel like you've lost control of your story over the years?

Do you feel trapped by depression and anxiety knowing you're capable of so much more?

Want to take back control of your story to write your hero's journey and achieve mastery?

There is a hero within you.

It is waiting to be let out – to take the lead in your story once again.

The depression and anxiety you're experiencing are signs that you're not in alignment with that power within. The good news is that it's there, and you can access it whenever you want.

You are the author.

It's time to start writing your story once again.

Regardless of what aspects of your life aren't aligned with your true self, there is a simple process that you will apply to your life and story to help you set a clear path for your growth.

Often the greatest strength of issues like depression and anxiety is the uncertainty — not knowing the words to describe what it feels like or how others will react if you try.

It can be paralyzing.

And the lack of action fuels anxiety.

Depression follows again soon after.

But the hero within you is:

  • courageous
  • honest
  • strong
  • confident
  • passionate
  • virtuous
  • powerful
  • humble
  • selfless
  • supportive
  • patient
  • caring

Those qualities are all within you.

Using photos and creative writing, you will begin to create and visualize each step of your path to rid yourself of the uncertainty and finally gain clarity on your next steps.

Want to see yourself closer to:

  • ...being in the ideal romantic relationship?
  • ...living free from anxiety to be true to your authentic self?
  • ...doing work that you're passionate about that makes a difference in the world?

It's time that you drop the current stories you believe about yourself that are holding you back and embrace a new one that will make these a reality.

The possibilities are endless around us...

It's our stories that frame how we see and act within it.

When you dig deep to discover the stories that are at the core of how you show up in the world, you have the power to rewrite them and gain back control.

Get a clear path back to your authentic self and towards mastering the process of overcoming depression and anxiety.

More energy, more motivation, and tapping into your authentic, best self.

Listen to the hero within and take the first step now to let it out!

What You Get From This Course:

In Create Your Hero's Journey, you get videos, assignments, worksheets, and resources to learn:

  • How to create a clear, personalized path to show you each step of your recovery and hero's journey towards mastery in your life
  • How to boost your confidence and embody the hero within you
  • Why stories are important and how you can empower yourself using them
  • What stories are holding you back, where they came from and how they were influenced by others over time
  • Why stories take over and gain control with depression and anxiety
  • What to look out for as you gain motivation, energy and momentum with a new story
  • How to utilize the 3 best ways to make a lasting change in your story and life
  • What your ideal life and hero's journey will look like in 10 years if you were living without any restrictions (this is where the magic comes in)
  • And so much more...

BONUS: Get access to a private Mastermind group (including the instructor, Bryce Evans) to help support you in your learning and process of creating your Hero's Journey.

What Is A ‘Hero's Journey'?

You are the hero of your own story. Just like in a movie or novel, where the hero is presented with many challenges, decisions, and fears along their journey, you face them in your own life. It's a common arc and pattern, but we rarely think of ourselves as being a hero or the author of our own story and life.

We've adapted Joseph Campbell and Chris Vogler's work with the 'Hero's Journey', so that you can apply it to your own life.

No more idolizing Batman, Skywalker or Katniss. It's time to fully embrace your hero within and see the clear path ahead of you towards a life of fulfilment and mastery.

What Do I Need For This Course?

  • Any type of camera (DSLR, smartphone, point-and-shoot, old, new - as long as it takes photos and you can upload them on your phone or computer, that's great!)
  • An internet connection (you're here now, so you've got that covered)
  • A small time investment of 10 to 15 hours total over the span of four weeks (or your own pace) that will provide powerful shifts in perspective and insights that will last a lifetime!

These were some of my earliest photos in my journey, all taken with an iPhone.

You do NOT need to:

  • ...have an idea for your stories or Hero's Journey already
  • ...be dealing with depression and anxiety currently
  • ...be a photographer, have experience, knowledge or skills taking photos
  • ...have talked about depression and anxiety before
  • ...be a writer or be experienced in creative writing
  • ...have expensive or fancy photography equipment
  • ...have an education in photography
  • ...be “creative” or a “storyteller”

Your Impact Just By Enrolling:

With every course enrolment we can...

  • Add and support over 30 new members on our online platform
  • Create new free courses and resources
  • Write original empowering content for our blog
  • Give free talks, presentations, and workshops
  • Host free photo walks and adventures

All money is invested back into the organization to better serve you and increase our impact!

Your Instructor

Bryce Evans
Bryce Evans

Bryce Evans is an award-winning photographer, artist and marketing consultant discovering the art of life. He's built a community over 50,000, worked with top international brands and exhibited his artwork internationally to help inspire and share valuable insights.

As founder and CEO of The One Project (the photography community for people suffering from depression and anxiety), Bryce is a leading expert in therapeutic photography for depression and anxiety, the healing power of photos, and how it can be used to help change how we see and talk about mental health. You can connect with Bryce personally online as @artofbryce

Hear his story of overcoming these issues

“How Photography Saved My Life” (TEDx)

Watch our VICE documentary

Class Curriculum

What will my investment be to get this course?

I spent more than six years of my life and thousands of dollars developing the techniques and information within this course. If you were to hire me to teach you these techniques and help you learn everything that you'll discover within this course 1-on-1 at my regular rate of $200 per hour, you can expect to pay $1,000+.

At a 3 day workshop, you might pay a minimum of $500 to work through the same process.

But we built this course to help you fast-track your recovery and growth by saving you time and money, so you won't pay $1000 or even $500.

You get the entire program: all of the videos, assignments, worksheets, resources, the private support group and everything, for just one payment of $27.

Start with a one-time payment of $27, 100% risk-free with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

We're giving you a full 30 days to go through the entire course. If you're not satisfied with it, send us an email showing that you've completed the assignments and we'll either work with you to help get you on track or give you your full money back.

Get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I am unhappy with the course?
We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase and don't feel like you found the value you were expecting, contact us in the first 30 days, show us you've completed the assignments and we will give you a full refund.
When does the course start and finish?
You have access to the course immediately. You will receive any new course updates for free and have lifetime access to revisit the content and connect with the private community whenever you need.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I haven't told anyone about this and I'm worried about my privacy?
Our mission is to help you — those who are suffering in silence and can't find the words to start speaking up to get support. The entire course and the mastermind group are private and accessible only to students. You also have the choice to create a username, rather than using your name to further protect your identity.
Do I need a fancy camera?
No, the techniques that we teach have nothing to do with the equipment or camera you have. You can use a mobile phone, DSLR, film or point-and-shoot camera, it doesn't matter. As long as you have the ability to upload your photos digitally, you're good.
Do I need to have photography experience or skills?
No! It's about the act of taking photos and using it as non-verbal communication, not the technical or artistic aspects of photography.
Why isn't my account letting me log in?
If you have previously signed up on our private online platform, you will need to create a new account for our school (courses). You can use the same email and username if it's available.
What is The One Project?
The One Project is a social enterprise that is the photography community for people who suffer from depression and anxiety. We provide online courses, a blog and education to help you learn therapeutic photography techniques to better express, understand and overcome these issues.